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Thursday, 16-Feb-2006 19:09 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Dunkeld, Perthshire

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The bitch Flickr made past archive photos disappear somewhere I don't know. Not taking any chances here's the the Perthshire pictures and a few from when we had an ESC Marshall meeting.

Friday, 29-Apr-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
When Out of White, Use Red

Pure chocolate melted in
Cookies crumbled put in
coconut milk and sugar with jello
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The following is the illustrated attempt at us girls to make

a) Kuih Batik, or the Batik Cookie

b)Kuih Lapis or Layer Cake

- For the record there is no exact English equivalent for the word 'kuih' which is a cross halfway between a cookie and a pastry. So I've lazily just concluded the Kuih Batik as a cookie because it is hard, and the Kuih Lapis as a Cake because it is soft (! my logic baffles me!)

-The Kuih Batik I suspect is a postmodern invention. Partially because you need the freezer to make the end product. Our elders certainly had no freezers until we came into the picture (or couldn't afford it, anyway). It consists mostly of terrible, unhealthy things - pure chocolate, butter, sugar water, walnuts and crumbled cookies. All this is basically crushed and sauteed together and then are left to freeze in a mold. Then you eat it.

-As for the Kuih Lapis, it's a sort of jelly? Jello? It's basically layered with different colours to reveal a nice looking sort of jelly striped in white and pink. You can see the way it's supposed to look at my website:-


Alrighty, enjoy all the RED!

Sunday, 24-Apr-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
National Museum Edinburgh

Main Hall
Spring is Here
Animal Movement Wing
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Tuesday, 12-Apr-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The Heart of the Matter

an old doggie
museum park
a tribute to magritte
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" He would still have made the promise evenif he could have foreseen all that would come of it. He had always been prepared to accept the responsibility for his actions, and he had always been half aware too,from the time he made his terrible private vow that she should be happy, how far this action might carry him. Despair was the price one pays for setting oneself an impossible aim. It is, one is told, the unforgivable sin, but it is a sin the corrupt or evil man never practices. He always has hope. He never reaches the freezing point of knowing absolute failure. Only the man of goodwill carries always in his heart this capacity for damnation."

- Graham Green, Page 60

Monday, 11-Apr-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Nina after a shower and Tea - my gracious hostess
Nina and Naw
An Olive Stall
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Had a FANTAZMIC time.


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